Coronavirus, number of infected down again: drop of 290 in 1 day

In Italy the number of people infected with the coronavirus fell again on Monday, April 27, according to data presented by the Civil Protection Department.

In total 105,814 people are currently positive for COVID-19, down 290 in 24 hours.

Recoveries up, intensive-care patients down
The number of people to have recovered is 66,624, an increase of 1,696.
And the declining trend for the number of patients in intensive care continued, with the figure dropping below 2,000 for the first time since March 16.

Covid-19 deaths rise to almost 27,000
The number of people to have contracted the coronavirus in Italy who have died rose 333 in one day to 26,977; but this figure reflects contagions that took place several weeks ago.

Lockdown measures have worked
Silvio Brusaferro of the Higher Health Institute (ISS) told a Civil Protection Department press conference that the figures show “the success of the containment measures adopted, but it is necessary to reflect as we gradually start cautiously opening up. “We will have to carefully monitor the number of cases by using, for example, the indicator of intensive care (patients) to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken and the capacity to contain the infection”.

Brusaferro added that one of the aims was to have “increasingly fast swabs, including outside hospitals and for people with few symptoms. “At the moment we are doing 60,000 swabs a day but we must reduce the time between becoming positive and diagnosis”.

Phase two
Brusaferro also talked about phase two of the emergency, with the upcoming gradual relaxation of the lockdown measures. “A document is being drafted with directions for phase two, which will be made public in the coming hours,” he said. “We must press hard in terms of organization to reduce differences between regions”.

Caution needed
The experts reiterate that caution will still be fundamentally important in phase two, especially when visiting elderly relatives. “As we have said many times, elderly people are those most at risk,” concluded Brusaferro.

Source: Ansa 

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