Minister Speranza: “Seroprevalence survey as part of our health strategy”

“The sample survey on seroprevalence will allow us to understand the level of spread of the virus in our country and to plan the next steps for resuming activity. Such action is one of the five points of our health strategy, together with the strengthening of the territorial network, the dedicated Covid-Hospitals, the tracking and remote assistance app and the persistence of social distancing and individual protection measures. Our National Health Service must strengthen itself to respond to this new major challenge”.

This is how the Italian Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, comments on the publication of the competition on serological tests.

The Extraordinary Commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency, Domenico Arcuri, has in fact launched the tender “in a simplified and urgent procedure” for the purchase of kits, reagents and consumables, in order to carry out 150,000 serological tests that will be used for the sample survey on the spread of SarsCoV2 infection among the Italian population.

Notice of Call of tender

The tender – published on the institutional websites of the Ministry of Health and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Extraordinary Commissioner and the Department of Civil Protection – will be completed in a very short time: the submission of bids must be presented by 22 April, and by 29 April there will be the signing of the supply contract.

The fundamental objective is to determine the extent of the infection in the Italian population, which will be useful for a gradual reduction of the current measures to contain the contagion.

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