Spain passes 22,000 coronavirus deaths, 46,000 in Usa

The number of coronavirus deaths and contagions in Europe continues to grow, but many countries have started to officially announce the first easing of their restrictive measures.

In Spain, where the number of deaths linked to the pandemic has passed 22,000 and the number of confirmed cases stands at 213,000, children will be free to go out one hour a day within a radius of a kilometre from their home.

The number of deaths in France has gone over the 21,000 mark, including fatalities in hospitals, care homes and facilities for the disabled. But for the first time in several weeks, the number of people in hospital has gone below 30,000. And the country is set to reopen its schools on May 11.

The general lockdown in the United Kingdom, introduced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on March 23 and subsequently renewed, will be subject to a second review on May 3.

But at the moment, the government considers it premature to even talk about an exit strategy, given that the numbers of deaths and contagions in the country are still high: 18,700 and 138,000 respectively.

The situation remains dramatic in the United States, where coronavius deaths have passed 46,000 and the number of positive cases is over 842,000, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University.

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